Recording a permanent PSTN forwarded DDI

This is a regular BT trading business requirement scenario but I assume it may concern a more global scope.

The case: A trader has forwarded a line on a PSTN destination (eg mobile). Once done, any call received on this line is not recorded anymore (sip 301 moved permanently).

In certain circumstances, I managed to solve the problem by configuring Verba with SIPREC recording (kind of voice hairpining at PSTN gw) , but:

1. When line is not forwarded, calls will be recorded twice (active TPO recording + SIPREC)

2. Not always possible to configure SIPREC (Verba + PSTN SIP CUBE)


Feature request:

To my knowledge, none of the recorders I met so far proposes a solution to this problem, and trading companies are compelled to ask a costly recording service to their telco (mobile recording).

Thought one simple solution would consist in:

1. Instantiate a kind of proxy RTP server on Verba.

2. Programing a route on PBX (eg destination prefix preceeding PSTN destination)

3. PBX routes forwarded call to Verba proxy, that bridges the call to the PSTN destination, while recording it.


I know it is possible to configure Verba for RTP Proxy based recording (used for Skype recording), but I tried to play with it, but I do not think it's possible to use it this way.


Any ideas/comments?







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