Referal sites for verbastorage.exe or above with operation upload/copy.


This query is follow up of the request #26937

"Data copy policy error after service restart."

We got the fix as verbastorage.exe

This version is to fix the issue introduced by verbastorage.exe

(request#26348 SQL arithmetic error at media upload on recorder).


We provided it ( to the customer then they ask

"Are you sure there is no other issue on"


Instead of answering to "no more bug?" kind of question, we prefer to say

"We have some customer production sites with verbastorage.exe

And known issues have been already fixed in


Could you confirm if there are some production sites with or above

with the operation "upload then copy(archive) the audios"?


I appreciate your help in advance to finalyze the request#26937 at customer project.

Thank you

Toshihiko Utsumi




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