Integrated MSSQL Installer failed because of Weak Default Password

During an installation of the Verba Installer Prerequisites on a customer provided Server2019 box, the MSSQL Express install kept closing without providing any error code. I couldn't find an error in event logs or in the install file on the data drive. After going into the Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server directory and digging through the logs there I found that the install was failing with the following:

  • Final result: Failed: see details below
  • Exit code (Decimal): -2061893613
  • Exit facility code: 1306
  • Exit error code: 19
  • Exit message: The specified sa password does not meet strong password requirements. For more information about strong password requirements, see "Database Engine Configuration - Account Provisioning" in Setup Help or in %SQL_PRODUCT_SHORT_NAME% Books Online.
  • Start time: 2021-02-25 11:58:22
  • End time: 2021-02-25 11:58:46
  • Requested action: Install


I manually updated the "SAPWD" in the install-sql-express.bat file to something more complex and the same thing happened. I ended up with a 14+ character PW before it accepted it and installed.


I'm about half way through the installation, so I think it worked Verba Installation now, so I'm hopeful that was the fix. I'll update if there are any further errors.





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