Verba Web Application Service is not Running.

After Install Verba in Physical Server , Verba Web Application Service repeatedly starts(Running)&stops.

I checked the webapp.log and found an Two Error Messages.

****Error Messages****

・ERROR 2020.09.09 13:45:21 com.verba.web.VerbaServlet.initThrows(                                        - Ethical Wall: Error from the library: Unknown exception

・ERROR 2020.09.09 13:45:21 com.verba.wcs.JavaWCSGet.getCertificateAndKey(                                   - Could not get certificate and key: 9035AB1BE0B06C5BD8B8D014A9202542FCA21DA3 (Could not open KSP key: -2146893802)


Please tell me how to resolve.

※Once installed on the virtual server , No problems occurred.




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    Hi Keito,

    The Could not open KSP key: -2146893802 error refers to the Verba API certificate, the most likely problem is that the certificate's private key is not exportable. If you run into this issue in the future, please open a ticket at


    Daniel Balog

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  • Hi Daniel,

    This is very tricky issue and we found workaround.  If we install the system on the OS without Windows update, Verba Web Application Service runs properly without error. But service always fails if we install the system on the OS which already applied Windows update. 

    The issue is nothing to do with platform is on the physical server or VM. It must be related something included in Windows update.

    Best regards,



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