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we have announcement service installed on Verba 8.9 system. We see that everytime a user joins the conference, the announcement audio is prompt for the individual user but also for the conference participants that already joined to it. Is that the way the system should work? Customer complaints because this fact annoys users and interrupt meeting everytime a participant joins the meeting. Customer support confirmed this is working as design. Is there any possibility to improve this behavior so the only person hearing tha audio prompt is the one joining the conference room and not also the people that have already joined it?

Thanks in advance



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    Hi Daniel,

    Could you please open a new support ticket or reopen the previous one and send us the announcement.log file in it with the details of an example call?

    Kind Regards,

    Attila Szilagyi

    Verba Support

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  • Hi Attila, sure, I'll ask customer to perform new test and provide specific announcement log with timeframe. Once done, I'll update a new request. Thanks!

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  • Hi Attila, we finally some tests on production platform, but we haven't detected the above behavior anymore (strange indeed). Let's close this post as we're not requering any change/fix as customer confirmed the behavior is as expected.

    Thanks for your support.

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