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I have a error with the application of VERBA, because I need change folder, for space  in the volumen folder old and I had to change the folder media  from I to J, it is  working recoding conversations in the new folder but  not see the space the new folder in the  SERVER STATUS SECTION.

What I need to do to see the space the new folder in the SERVER STATUS SECTION?




old Folder

New Folder



Server Status Section:  (Wath old folder in the media folder driver Usage)





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    Hi Santiago,

    You have to update the System Monitor -> Low Disk Space Monitoring - 2nd Disk Volume -> Volume Path setting also.

    Máté Kiss
    Verba Technologies


  • I have change too

  • Hi Santiago,

    I think you should add a backslash to the config. After the configuration, please try restarting the Verba Node Manager Agent and the Verba Web Application services.

    Máté Kiss
    Verba Technologies 

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