License Issue - Unidentifiable Extensions

I just got done entering the last 2 users and now we have another license issue...

This time it says:

# of Recorded Users - Including Unidentifiable Extensions  90/92

# of Recorded Users - Including Unidentifiable Extensions and Agents with Recorded Share Line Calls 90/92


I am not sure what this means? can you elaborate? we just bought more Full licensing, so I am not sure what exactly Unidentifiable Extensions means.


please assist



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    Hi Ryan,

    -Every user with associated extension(s) takes up one license.
    -Every extension which is not associated with any user takes up one license.
    Please check if all of your extensions are associated with a corresponding user. (Users->Extensions or Administration->Extensions menu in old versions)

    Máté Kiss
    Verba Support

  • I looked through my Exts and found 1 that wasnt assigned to a user. After fixing that, the count did not decrease by 1. Can I email you a exported list of our Exts so you can tell me specifically whats going on to cause this error and how to resolve it? I dont see an option to upload files on a reply like i did when creating a new post.



  • Hi Ryan,

    I guess you assigned the extension to a user, who didn't have any extensions before. In this case, it's still going to take up one license. I assume the problem is not the unassigned extensions. Please check if you have any extensions that you are not using anymore. If the extension list is correct, then please check if you have the right license installed. When you purchase new licenses, our sales team sends you a new license string via email. You can install the new license based on this KB article:

    If it's still not solving your problem, then please open a support ticket here:

    Máté Kiss
    Verba Support

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