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How do I access the Services menu on the model 7936 phone? We have a Verba option in our 7940s that will tell Verba to mark the call to be kept. However the 7936 does not have a services button to implement this function.

Where is the services button on this model 7936 phone so i can put the Verba mark call to be recorded option? If there is none, what other options do we have to get this working on this model phone?



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    Hi Ryan,

    You can add the Verba phone service as a line button. See stage three in the following article:

    Máté Kiss
    Verba Support

  • The above procedure work for our other phones such as a 7940 but this 4951 does not have a SURL option, and no buttons on the side. I was able to get this working on our 7940 easily but this 4951 does not have the options the 7940 has. This 4951 is an IP conference phone.

    Please see below screenshot. I have subscribed this ext to the Verba Service, there just is not a button on this phone like the 7940s have to display the Verba option.

    Can you please assist? Perhaps a webex session is possible?

    Thank you



  • Hi Ryan,

    I checked the phone model, and it seems it doesn't support the phone services.

    Máté Kiss
    Verba Support

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