Change Version My Call Manager 10.5

I will change versión of My Call Manager and the provider propose  to make the change of versión with a parallel serve to not affect production and rollback easy.

The doubt is that Imust considera for the change of server to move the Verba to the new server (Change only IP).














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    Hi Santiago,

    If you change the IP address of the Verba server then you have to do the following:
    1: Log into the Verba Web Interface and go to the Administration->Verba Servers menu.
    2: Select the server from the list where the IP changed, then go to the Change Configuration Settings tab.
    3: Set the Netowrk->Server IP Address setting to the new IP, then click on the save icon.
    4: Execute the changes by clicking on the link in the appearing yellow banner on the top.

    Máté Kiss
    Verba Support

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