Motorola Trunking Digital Recording Support

Hi, a big greeting, I have a big question; Is it possible that you could generate digital trunking recordings of Motorola (radio frequency)?



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    Hi Jackson,

    Yes, probably we can record it. For the analog radio recording, we going to need a TAP card (which digitizes the analog signal), and you have to connect the analog lines physically to that card. Once the card receives the analog signal, we can record it.

    Máté Kiss
    Verba Support

  • Thanks Máté,

    But if the technology was not analog but digital? TETRA for example?

  • Hi Jackson,

    In this case, please check if your system is able to fork the channels using RTP packets (to a given IP address and port). If it has that feature, then we can record that. The point is, that our system has to receive the streams somehow.

    Máté Kiss
    Verba Support

  • Perfect thank you very much for the information.

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