Speech Analytics Server Architecture

I've been searching through the available documentation and there appears to be little information on how scalable the speech analytics is with Verba. If I look at the installation documentation it details having a speech analytics server. However, I can not find the speech analytics server anywhere else in regards to the ports and protocols it uses with Skype (https://kb.verba.com/display/docs/Firewall+configuration+for+Skype+for+Business+-+Lync+deployments)  or what the firewall requirements are (https://kb.verba.com/display/docs/Firewall+configuration#Firewallconfiguration-OnserversrecordingLyncphonesystems ). I have found however a verba blog that states that you have add numerous speech analytic servers for scale ( http://blog.verba.com/verba-speech-analytics/ ). 


So my question is where in the documentation is the architecture detailed as to how to install a speech analytics server, whats the dimensioning that would drive multiples of these, firewall requirements, ports and protocols used and finally the architecture? 



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