AD Sync does not run automatically - RI-015226


Active Directory synchronization does not run automatically using v9.1.0.5454 versions or later which introduced a new AD synchronization scheduling configuration.

Am I affected?

All v9.1.0.5454 and later deployments are affected (new installations and upgrades as well) where Active Directory synchronization is used. This issue affects automatic AD synchronization and the system does not recognize changes in the AD configuration. Automatic administration of moves, adds and changes is not possible when AD synchronization is not running.


Active Directory synchronization did not run automatically because the default value of the new scheduling configuration, introduced in v9.1.0.5454, was "No scheduling". New versions have a new default value which sets the scheduling to run daily. No alert or notification is sent when the issue occurs.


1. Login to Verba web interface
2. Go to System -> Servers
3. Click on the hostname of the Media Repository server
4. Go to Change Configuration Settings tab
5. Under Web Application -> Active Directory Synchronization settings you need to set the details:

a. At the end of the Schedule row click on the gear icon.
b. On the right side of the page the Scheduling Wizard will be shown.
c. Use the wizard to set the required scheduling.

6. Repeat the previous steps on all Media Repository servers

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