Upgrade of Media Repository

Upgrade of Media Repository

1. Note! Backup your Verba server(s). Make sure that you have a valid backup of the media files and the database.

( more information here: http://kb.verba.com/display/docs/Verba+Backup+Best+Practices )

2. Obtain the necessary license files from Verba.

3. Warning! Performing this upgrade on a Recording server or a Team edition server ( single server solution ) will disable recording functions during the upgrade.

4. Download the Verba server installation pack Go to the Verba Website, http://support.verba.com/entries/21459192-Software-Downloads. Login with your Verba account information, scroll down to Current release and download the Verba server installation pack

5. RDP to the Verba Server as Administrator, go to: Start > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Services. Scroll down to the Verba Web Application service and stop the service.

6. Copy your Verba installation pack to the server and extract the files.

7. Run the Verba installer - Follow the installation wizard to complete the necessary steps.

8. After a successful installation, restart the server and verify that the Verba web application service is running.

9. Verify Version - In your browser enter the name or IP of the Verba server and verify the version number on the page.

10. Install license - Log on and install the license file if applicable.

11. Test - Verify operation of server by making test calls and accessing old and new data from the web interface.

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