User Guide

This guide explains how to access, search, list and play phone calls, how to share and publish media and how to work from Cisco phones.

Accessing the web interface

Verba can be securely accessed through a standard web browser with your user identity.

Web interface layout

The Verba web app uses a common screen layout throughout the application.

Call lists and actions

Recorded calls can be searched for and the search results displayed through call lists.

Call details

Detailed information is shown for each recorded call on the call details screen.

Web-based media player

The Verba media player is a feature-rich multimedia tool that supports easy in-depth analysis of media recordings.

Timeline viewer

The Verba Timeline Viewer is a powerful tool that provides a convenient big picture view of the recorded calls.

Sharing and publishing calls

The recording system provides a secure and traceable way to share recordings among various members of your organization.

Using the Cisco IP phone service

Many convenient features of the Verba call recording system are available from Cisco IP phones.

Searching phone calls

The call search page can be accessed through the Search menu.

Desktop recorder user interface

Dial-in user interface

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