Integration Guide

This guide is for system architects and developers building integrated solutions (includes HTTP Business APIHTTP Single Sign-On API and more).
Authentication solutions
SSO with Active Directory — The web application can authenticate users using Microsoft Windows domain authentication information. 
HTTP Single Sign-On API — This API lets you integrate the Verba app into your user portals/intranets/extranets. 
Business process integration
HTTP Business API — This API lets you improve business processes by integrating the recording system with your applications.  
Desktop Agent HTTP API — This API allows applications to integrate with the Verba Desktop Recorder to control screen capturing, add time markers and more. 
Direct URL Access — Direct URL Access provides allows external web apps to directly include features of the Verba web app.  
Service provider tools
Provisioning API — This web services API allows service providers to automatically create users and tenants.  
Branding and customization — The Verba web application is designed to allow changes to the look and behavior. 
Low-level integration options
Low-level XML Recorder API — The Verba Recording System provides a low level XML API directly to the recording engines. 
Direct Database Access to CDRs — Call detail records (CDRs) can be accessed directly in the SQL Server database.
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