Cannot find a call


Follow the troubleshooting steps below when you

  • search for a call and can not find it,
  • see less than expected calls in a search result,
  • find no call data in the searched period.

Root cause

On properly configured recording systems, all configured phones will be recorded, but different users see different recordings due to access control and users might be misled by unintended search settings.


Troubleshooting steps:
  1. Verify your search - Your search might be too narrow (additional fields set) or you search in the wrong time period, try resetting your search fields
  2. Verify access control - Check if you are logged in as System Administrator or System Supervisor, other users might not have access to the calls you are looking for. Call recording might work, you just do not see the recordings in your current account. For more information see Visibility of functions and phone calls.
In case you still can not find the call, try the extended troubleshooting steps here.
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