Recording errors with Cisco Extension Mobility


These symptoms are specific to Cisco central recording used with Extension Mobility:

  • recording of a user's calls work from one phone, but not from another
  • call details are correct from one phone, but information is missing when recording from another phone

Root cause

Using Cisco's Extension Mobility feature your users can use their phone lines on any phone. However, even if a user's line is properly configured with a recording profile, if the used phone device is not configured properly, you will have recording problems.


Make sure that recording related built-in bridge and JTAPI configurtions are properly done for all phones that are used by users with recorded lines.

For all recorded phone devices, verify the followings:

  1. Verify that the phone device is added to the JTAPI user used in Verba
  2. Verify that built-in bridge is enabled on the phone (restart after configuration change)

For detailed configuration steps see Adding a new extension for recording in Cisco UCM.

You can read this ticket to solve Cisco JTAPI related problems.

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