"No call in Progress" shown on Cisco phones


no-call-in-progress.pngYou are trying to use a call recording function (flag, mark, record, etc.) through a Cisco phone and the Verba phone application returns with the 'No call in progress' message, even though you are in the middle of a phone call.

Root causes

There can be multiple causes for this behaviour:

  • no lines/extensions are configured for recording on the phone
  • there are multiple lines on the phone and the call is done on a non-recorded line
  • the phone line/extension is not assigned to the user who uses the phone application
  • the user has extension mobility and the current phone device does not support recording or is not properly configured
  • the recorder engine that should do the recording is not operational


Please verify the followings:
  1. Verify that recorded lines/extensions are added in the Verba system and in your phone system
    Note! In many cases (including all non-passive recording solutions) recorded extensions must be configured in your phone system otherwise recording will not work. 
  2. Verify that the line/extension used for this call matches the recorded line
  3. Verify whether the extension is assigned to the user who uses the phone app (verify this only if user information is presented to the app either using manual login or through service configuration in UCM)
  4. Verify extension mobility based on this topic
  5. Verify that all services necessary for recording are running
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