Start date and time of recordings are incorrect


Follow the troubleshooting steps below when you experience the followings:

  • registered date and time or recordings does not match the actual recording time
  • different users see the same call with different times

Root cause

This problem is typically caused by wrong server time or timezone problems. The recording system always stores all time information in UTC time.


Please follow these steps:

  1. Verify that the timezone field in search is shows the expected timezone - Sometimes you might have set the timezone field in a former search and just forgot to set or reset it for your current search, see Searching phone calls
  2. Verify that the timezone of your user reflects your current timezone An administrator can set the proper timezone in User Details
    Important! After you change timezone, please logout/login and check the timezone in your search again (reset search fields).
  3. Verify that time on all Verba servers are correctly set - Make sure the servers are constantly synchronized with a time source

In case of 1 and 2 the time information on your calls are most likely correct, but in case 3 you probably have recorded with incorrect time and correct time can not be recovered.

If none of the above steps help you resolve your problem, please open a support ticket.

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