Can not access the web interface

Follow the troubleshooting steps below when you

  • can not reach the Verba web interface from your browser,
  • the browser returns with a blank page or an error message.

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Verify your network connection - check if you are on the right network, is the Verba server available from your network and check if server name resolution is working properly (otherwise try to use IP address in the URL)
  2. Verify the server - Check if the recording server is running. You might have multiple servers, make sure all of them are operational and you are trying to access the right server (a Verba server with the Media Repository component, which includes the web application).
  3. Verify services - Check in Windows Services, whether the Verba Web Application Service is running and start it if not.
  4. Verify your firewall - Make sure the configured HTTP and/or HTTPS port is open in your Windows Firewall on the Verba server and in other relevant firewalls on your network
  5. Verify your database - Check if SQL Server is running and start it if not.

If none of the above steps help you resolve your problem, please open a support ticket.

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