Call recording does not work

Follow the troubleshooting steps below when:

  • call recording does not work / have stopped working
  • you can not find new recordings in your system
  • your newly installed system have not started recording calls
Troubleshooting steps:
  1. Verify your search - Your search might be too narrow (additional fields set) or you search in the wrong time period, try resetting your search fields
  2. Verify access control - Check if you are logged in as System Administrator or System Supervisor, other users might not have access to the calls you are looking for. Call recording might work, you just do not see the recordings in your current account.
  3. Verify the server - Check if the recording server is running. You might have multiple servers, make sure all of them are operational.
  4. Verify services - Check in Windows Services, whether your recording services are running and start them if not:
    • for passive recording (port mirroring based): Verba Passive Recording Service
    • for Cisco central recording: Verba Central Recording Service and Verba Central Recording Database Service
    • for Avaya recording: Verba Avaya Recording Service
    • for IP Trade recording: Verba IP Trade Recording Service
  1. Verify disk - Check if your disks have free space. If your system or media disk is full, the recording system will not work properly.
  2. Verify your database - Check if SQL Server is running and your database size have not reached the size limit (see the note below).
    • Note! If you are using SQL Server Express, you must make sure that the database file is smaller than 4G (or 10 Gb above SQL Server 2008 R2). If you approach the limit you can first try rebuilding indexes to lower the file size, later you should upgrade to Standard or Enterprise edition which have no significant size limitations.
  3. Verify your network environment and recorded lines - The phone system you are recording should be properly setup for call recording. You might have some phones properly configured, others not. You could lose calls on devices that are not properly configured.

If none of the above steps help you resolve your problem, please open a support ticket.

Note! To avoid longer service outages, you should always configure the built-in Verba System Monitoring:

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